Committee Members

Welcome to our Committee Members Page!

Our Committee Members are the individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the smooth functioning of our choir. Each member of our committee brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and enthusiasm for our choir's future growth and development

Let's introduce you to our dedicated team:

Musical Director | Gill Coulter

As the Musical Director of the Lady Desart Choir, Gill brings her immense experience, talent, and passion to our ensemble. Her infectious enthusiasm brings a sense of fun, joy and togetherness to every rehearsal. 

These qualities, together with her knowledge &  understanding of music composition, arrangement and vocal technique inspires our choir members to give 110% in return. With Gill's unwavering commitment, The Lady Desart Choir has gone from strength to strength.

Chairperson | Aoife Kealy

As the leader of our committee, Aoife guides and coordinates all our efforts. She leads committee meetings with efficiency, ensuring that important matters are discussed, decisions are made & actions taken. 

Her exceptional ability to listen and communicate effectively helps build strong relationships not only within our committee itself, but also with our choir members, venue owners & festival organisers. Her warm and approachable manner extends a far-reaching sense of unity & friendship.

Secretary | Siobhan Minnock

As our Secretary, Siobhan is responsible for managing the administrative aspects of our committee's operations. 

As a maestro of organisation & communication her meticulous note taking during our meetings ensures effective communication within the committee, keeping us on track & up to date. Her attention to detail is beyond compare, keeping us on top of deadlines, important dates & ongoing projects.

PRO | Rebecca McGee

When it comes to promoting our choir, our PRO, Rebecca is second to none. 

Between social media & working with local media she is our representative & voice when it comes to promoting not only our choir but also our events & performances. Liaising with local organisations, businesses, venues & festival organisers, she identifies & books our performances, ensuring our concert/events calendar is always brimming with possibilities.

Treasurer | Sinead Cahill

As our Treasurer, Sinead manages our choir's finances with great accountability & accuracy. 

Responsible for overseeing budgeting, membership receipts & financial reporting she ensures that there is always enough in the piggy bank to allow us to continue doing what we love to do! Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that our financial information is organised, accurate & readily available.

Ordinary Member | Eimear Kealy

Ordinary Member | Michael O'Leary