Upcoming Events


Jun 2024

Cat Laughs Festival | Town Hall, High St., Kilkenny | Sat, Jun 1st | 2:00pm

May 2024

Kilkenny ChoirFest | Castleinch Venue | Sat, May 25th | 12pm-5:30pm

Darkness into Light | Kilkenny Army Barracks | Sat, May 11th | 4:45am

Rhythm 'n' Roots Festival |Town Hall, High St., Kilkenny | Sat, May 4th | 2:00pm

April 2024

An evening with The Lady Desart Choir | Windgap Community Centre | Fri,  Apr 12th | 8:15pm (doors 7:45) | Tickets €15 from Windgap Tearooms

Mar 2024

St. Patrick's Festival | MacDonagh Junction SC Kilkenny | Sat, Mar 16th | 2:00pm

Dec 2023

Town Hall, Kilkenny | Sat, Dec 23rd | 2:00pm

🎄A Choral Christmas 🎄 | St Canice's Cathedral | Sat, Dec 16th | 7:00pm

With support from Cairdeas: Kilkenny Parkinson's Choir

Tickets SOLD OUT!

Market Cross SC | Sat, Dec 2nd | 2:00pm

Nov 2023

MacDonagh Junction SC | Sun, Nov 19th | 2:45pm

Oct 2023

Town Hall, High Street | Sat, Oct 28th | 1:45pm

Sept 2023

ChoirFest, Castleinch Venue | Sat, Sept 23rd | 1pm

August 2023

Town Hall, High Street | Sat, Aug 12th | 2pm

July 2023

The Haven Hotel, Dunmore East | Sun, July 9th | 2pm

June 2023

Town Hall, High Street | Sat, June 3rd | 2pm

Private Corporate Event | Tues, June 13th

May 2023

Darkness into Light, James Stephens Army Barracks | Sat, May 6th | 04:30am

April 2023

Town Hall, High Street | Sat, April 29th | 2pm

March 2023

McDonagh Junction SC | Sat, March 18th | 2pm

If you would like to find out more about The Lady Desart Choir performing at your event then please get in touch.


Our version of Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora's "Running with the Wolves" from the 2020 animated fantasy adventure film Wolfwalkers, directed by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart. 

Our cover of this beautiful song was recorded as a tribute to both our beautiful medieval city of Kilkenny and the amazing Cartoon Saloon, the animation studio and production company based here in Kilkenny who co-produced Wolfwalkers.

We hope you enjoy it!

Running with the Wolves
Covered by The Lady Desart ChoirOriginal song - AuroraSongwriters: Michelle Leonard / Nicolas Rebscher / Aurora AksnesArranged by Gillian CoulterFilming/Editing: Andrew GriffithDirected by Gillian Coulter and Dee Murphy